We Love Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Here at The Olive Shop, it was our love for one of Greece’s most popular products Olive Oil that started it all. Below you will find a series of points depicting The Olive Shops guide to Greece and Olive Oil , Olive Oil Categories , Olive Oil Production and most importantly our 5 Golden Rules to keeping your Olive Oil in tip top shape at home.. At The Olive Shop we like to be challenged, so feel free to ask us any questions regarding our products particularly Extra Virgin Olive Oil here

Remember there are different grades and flavours of Olive oils, all in their own way contributing to helping improve your way of life. Just as the olive oil depends on a series of factors to be a great tasting product, so should you the customer exercise your right to be/stay  informed. Purchasing olive oil isn’t simply about picking a product off the shelf it’s about understanding process and purchasing a healthy natural way of life….