Olive Oil Categories




Yes it's true, there are a number of categories of olive oil. Their differences in quality, nutritional properties, aroma and flavour are heavily dependent on a large number of factors from their location (soil, elevation, micro-climate, variety of olive) to the way that they are grown, harvested, pressed and stored at their location. All categories are derived through chemical analysis and sensory testing using EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL  as a template, whose characterisitcs are defined by The International Olive Council with headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

Extra Virgin Olive and Virgin Olive Oil are the only two categories that are the juice of pressed olives that DO NOT CONTAIN refined or processed olive oils in them.  

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Evoo)

Is quite simply the juice from the perfectly pressed olive, free from all defects and setting the standard from which all other olive oils are derived..

The olives can be pressed either by natural or mechanical means and have a free acidity lower than 0.8% per 100g amongst other attributes.

By sampling the olive oil one will enter a beautiful world full of flavour and wonder in the form of varying balances of  fruity aromas (the smell of a grassy field), bitter and peppery attributes.

Evoos are dependant on the soil structure, the region, the micro-climate, the elevation of the groves, the varieties of olives used for their flavour, quality and health benefits  

The Olive Oil Categories go downhill in flavour, aroma and nutritional benefits from this point on...!!

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