The Olive Shop Ltd Catering


   The Olive Shop Catering Menu




Chicken Souvlaki (Tender Fillet of Chicken cooked on a gas grill, marinated in Greek Mountain Tea, served on a bed of vegetables with Tzatziki sauce and wrapped in a Pitta Bread) 



Uncle George's Greek SaladGreek Salad (tomatoes, peppers, olives,cucumber, feta cheese, onions, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, seasoning) (V)

Auntie Maria's Mixed SaladMIxed Salad (Carrots, Cabbage with extra virgin olive oil and seasoning)  (V)



Big Daddy Ham WrapHam Wrap ( A large tortilla wrap with ham, salad, peppers, onions & Cheddar cheese; Sauces - ketchup, mayonnaise, sweet chilli, BBQ) 

Big Daddy Chicken WrapChicken Wrap ( A large tortilla wrap with grilled chicken in extra virgin olive oil, salad, peppers, onions & Cheddar cheese; Sauces - ketchup, mayonnaise, sweet chilli, BBQ)

Big Daddy Vegetable WrapVegetable Wrap ( A large wrap with extra helpings of salad, peppers, onions; Sauces - ketchup, mayonnaise, sweet chilli, BBQ) (V)



Creme CaramelCreme Caramel 


Pannacotta with Strawberry SyrupPannacotta with strawberry syrup 






Orange Juice Orange Juice (From 3 freshly squeezed medium sized oranges) 


Tea Tea (Breakfast tea, Greek Mountain Tea, Greek Sage, Jasmin) 


Coffee Filter Coffee Instant


Frappe Coffee Frappe Coffee (A Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee)


Freddo Capuccino Freddo Capuccino Coffee (An espresso topped with frothy milk, served cold over ice)


Latte Coffee Latte Coffee (An espresso with steamed milk) 


Espresso Coffee Espresso Coffee (Boiling water passed through finely ground coffee beans for that authentic coffee taste) 


Coca Cola Coca Cola  (330ml) 


San Peligrino Lemon San Peligrino Lemon (330ml) 


San Peligrino Orange San Peligrino Orange (330ml) 


Mineral Water Mineral Water (500ml)