Greece and Olive Oil




  • The third largest producer of olive oil in the world at just over 350,000 tonnes produced annually with a 10% global share of the world global market
  • Greece has over 157 million Olive trees that are farmed by over 600,000 families
  • Greeks have the highest per capita consumption of Olive Oil in the world (over 23kg/yr)
  • Greece has the highest percentage to date of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from first pressed olives (+90%)
  • 35% of all agricultural land in Greece is taken up by Olive Groves
  • Over the centuries over 100 varieties of olives have been developed το adapt to local conditions. Today, the most popular is the Koroneiki olive.
  • Greece with its rocky and uneven ground, large hills overlooking valleys, its coastal line, limestone deposits and Mediterranean Climate are the characteristics that make an Olive Tree happy.