Who We Are




Hello and welcome to the world of The Olive Shop…!!

Known as the “UK’s one-stop-shop for Natural Flavour”, we are a company that was formed in 2013 in North Yorkshire, but are now based in Andover, Hampshire. Our aim is quite simply to promote and develop the Mediterannean Diet through the introduction of a small range of products  primarily from the juice of the perfectly pressed olive and with an abundance in natural flavour.

Working in the foodstuff industry for over 16 years, I decided that the time had arrived for me to start doing things my way. So a few years ago I decided to travel around my beautiful country Greece. After a year passed of visiting over 400 producers of various foodstuffs all over Greece, The Olive Shop Ltd was born with a product range of just over 40 foodstuffs  from 10 producers who inspired us the most.

So a few things about our products and us :

  • All our products come from Greece and so do we
  • Our producers grow, produce and package our products in their perspective areas to ensure that you receive them as fresh as the day they were made
 My continuing journeys around Greece unravelling the myths and mysteries of  natural flavour are truly inspiring. I truly hope that through The Olive Shop brand the same will happen to you.
Best wishes
John Roupas